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CISSP Online Training & Certification Course

Preparing for the CISSP certification requires a great deal of study. Our online CISSP training class prepares you for all you need to know for the exam, but the online feature allows you to rewatch sections that may be more complex. Request info now about our online CISSP training class!

About the CISSP Certification

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a computer security professional certification that requires at least five years of experience. Candidates must pass the CISSP exam.

The certification exam covers the specifics of developing computer network security procedures and policies. To complete the certification requirements, candidates must have five years of professional security experience with an emphasis on ethical judgment, alon

g with excellent oral and written communications skills and research and development skills.

IT security experience requires a direct application of practical knowledge and critical evaluation. For this certification qualified candidates can receive a waiver for the work experience recommendation. This applies to candidates with either an undergraduate Bachelor’s or post graduate Master’s degree.

The exam consists of 250 questions, a passing score is needed and a signed and endorsed form must be submitted before receiving certification. Candidates should accept the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Code of Ethics.

Credentials are valid for three years.